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Euan Ritchie

Senior Development Finance Policy Advisor

Content by Euan Ritchie:

Webinar 27 June 2024

Climate finance: A credibility gap? Webinar recording

Report 26 June 2024

Climate finance: Earning trust through consistent reporting

Blog 23 April 2024

Do we need a common definition of climate finance? It depends who you ask

Blog 18 April 2024

Japan and the US offset EU aid squeeze in 2023, but the outlook on aid is poor

Blog 1 March 2024

Missing baselines: have recent increases in climate finance been exaggerated?

Blog 23 January 2024

What the OECD’s latest data tells us about global aid in 2022

Blog 1 December 2023

Is climate finance wrongly reported by over a billion dollars per year?

Blog 29 November 2023

When the data doesn’t tell the full story: improving gender-responsive climate finance

Presentation 16 November 2023

How the DAC rules are changing and why you should care

Blog 14 September 2023

How much has the UK spent towards its £11.6 billion climate finance commitment?

Briefing 3 July 2023

UK aid trends in a challenging global context

Blog 13 June 2023

Reduced visibility? Opening up World Bank climate finance data

Blog 17 April 2023

New DAC data reveals the impact of the Ukraine invasion on aid

Report 31 March 2023

How much aid actually reaches the countries with the greatest poverty? Facts and principles of ODA allocation

Blog 16 March 2023

Spiralling emergency accommodation costs from the UK’s Home Office are diverting aid from the world’s poorest

Discussion paper 15 March 2023

Scenarios for a 1% GNI external public finance target

Blog 16 February 2023

Counting excess vaccine donations as ODA inflated aid in 2021: Here's why they still shouldn't count

Blog 7 February 2023

The DAC debates: why aid measurement matters for development

Factsheet 6 February 2023

Aid in 2021: Key facts about official development assistance

Blog 13 December 2022

Should lending special drawing rights (SDRs) count as aid?

Briefing 1 November 2022

Climate finance: Accounting and accountability

Blog 23 September 2022

Wealthy countries may be contributing less to global climate finance than we think

Blog 20 September 2022

Why we should target country-programmable aid instead of ODA

Factsheet 20 September 2022

The Ukraine crisis and diverted aid: What we know so far