Image by Eric Sales/Asian Development Bank
  • Podcast
  • 11 August 2020

How is aid being impacted by Covid-19, and why is it so hard to find out?

Much of the support being offered to the people and places worst hit by the Covid-19 pandemic comes in the form of aid, or official development assistance (ODA). But due to the speed with which the pandemic has unfolded, and the longer timeframe over which aid spending is usually reported, it's currently difficult to get a clear picture of how the unprecedented commitments of the global community are being translated into actual assistance for people in need.

In this podcast DI Data & Information Architect Bill Anderson, Head of Engagement Amy Dodd, and Head of Communications Anna Hope discuss how aid is being impacted by Covid-19, the opportunities and challenges to tracking changes in development finance in real time, and DI's work on a new data tool to track these changes.

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This podcast features Bill Anderson, Data & Information Architect , Anna Hope, Head of Communications, and Amy Dodd, Head of Engagement. Music is by Scott Holmes.