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Rob Tew

Head of Technical Development

Content by Rob Tew:

Factsheet 7 February 2023

Trends in ODA through multilateral organisations

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Aid in 2021: Key facts about official development assistance

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ODA 2020–2021: Key trends before and during emerging crises

Blog 13 January 2022

Latest aid data: large increase in multilateral loans to poorest countries

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Merging DFID and the FCO: Implications for UK aid

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Covid-19 and financing projections for developing countries

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Coronavirus and aid data: What the latest DAC data tells us

Factsheet 7 February 2020

ODA (aid) spending in 2018

Factsheet 21 February 2019

Six ways to refocus ODA to end poverty and meet the SDGs

Factsheet 22 December 2018

Final ODA data for 2017 – persistent trends raise concerns

Factsheet 20 April 2018

Aid spending by DAC donors in 2017

Briefing 28 February 2018

Accounting for ODA loans: The effect of the new rules

Briefing 24 November 2017

ODA modernisation: An update following the October 2017 HLM

Blog 3 November 2017

What next for private sector instruments?

Background paper 25 September 2017

An introduction to ODA modernisation

Report 5 July 2016

What do we learn from studies on aid allocation to the health sector?

Blog 9 March 2016

Modernising ODA loans: impact of new DAC reporting rules (part 2)

Blog 10 April 2015

Aid down slightly in 2014, but what else does the new DAC data tell us?