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Blog 31 October 2023

Data Governance: Do all global problems require global solutions?

Blog 19 May 2023

SDG learnings from the World Data Forum in Hangzhou: Falling between stools and masters

Discussion paper 21 April 2023

Is the SDG monitoring framework broken?

Discussion paper 2 March 2022

Data disharmony: How can donors better act on their commitments?

Discussion paper 29 September 2021

The data side of leaving no one behind

Blog 28 June 2021

Using near real-time data on aid flows: Lessons learnt

Briefing 11 February 2021

Cuts to the UK 2020 aid budget: What IATI data tells us

Podcast 11 August 2020

How is aid being impacted by Covid-19, and why is it so hard to find out?

Discussion paper 26 May 2020

The challenges of data on the financing response to Covid-19

Report 27 March 2020

Digital civil registration and legal identity systems: A joined-up approach to leave no one behind

Blog 23 October 2019

Accelerating CRVS and legal identity in Africa: From problems and principles to practice

Discussion paper 11 October 2019

Measuring the state of civil registration and legal identity

Blog 4 May 2018

What do we know about the value of data?

Briefing 14 November 2017

The Development Data Assessment

Blog 4 August 2016

Defining Humanitarian Emergencies: a joined-up approach

Report 16 May 2016

Uganda’s data ecosystem

Blog 31 January 2016

The Open Data Charter: A breakthrough for joined-up data standards

Blog 20 October 2015

What to do with one and a half billion dollars...

Blog 1 September 2015

Quantifying the challenges facing the Data Revolution in Africa: A first attempt

Discussion paper 25 February 2015

Some thoughts on the data revolution in Uganda