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Consultancy services

We specialise in

Masi Manimba, Bandundu Province, DRC - Action Against Hunger - June 2012

Development finance

We can bring critical insights and greater transparency to a range of international financial flows – public and private – that you want to understand better. We support those who contribute funding, and those seeking to influence funding decisions, about how these resources can be best mobilised and allocated to end poverty.

Photo credit: Department for International Development/Russell Watkins

Displaced people crossing the border from Ivory Coast to Liberia - March 2011

Humanitarian assistance and crisis finance

Our unique analysis supports efforts to increase the effectiveness and targeting of humanitarian assistance and crisis financing. We can help you gain key information on the different types of funding available, how it is allocated, who benefits and where greater efforts are needed. We are also go-to experts on transparency with a track record in how to improve data in crisis contexts.

Photo credit: Department for International Development/Derek Markwell

Building homes, hospitals and more - Dire Dawa, Ethiopia - March 2013

Domestic resources

We provide extensive experience of working directly with national and local government actors on resource allocation decisions and open data. This means we can support those working to achieve better transparency and targeting of domestic resources to meet the needs of the poorest people. We can also assist those working on domestic resource mobilisation – helping you understand the impact of current efforts in this area, what is working, and where greater attention is needed.

Photo credit: Department for International Development/Gavin Houtheuse

Biometric data - CAR refugees - Doumou site - June 2018

Using data for impact

We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and skills about how to access and use data to promote development, end poverty and improve lives. We can provide training workshops and a range of support to help you harness the data that can help you achieve your goals.

Photo credit: European Union/Dominique Catton

Rachel - DRC - June 2013

Measuring progress of the poorest people

We can produce rigorous analysis on people in poverty, looking at a range of poverty indicators such as access to education or nutritional status and disaggregating by key demographic factors such as age and gender. Our expertise in this area can facilitate your efforts to bring about better commitments, policies and funding that ensure the poorest people are making progress.

Photo credit: Sven Torfinn, EU/ECHO, International Rescue Committee UK, Panos Pictures

Baby Roukaytou - registration at Zinder Hospital, Niger - October 2018

Counting people and inclusive data

We support efforts to strengthen national data ecosystems across government, civil society and the private sector. We specialise in administrative systems, data disaggregation and open data. Our expertise can help you identify data gaps that need to be addressed and we can work with you on improving the information that is vital for accountability and effective decision-making on poverty reduction and sustainable development.

Photo credit: European Union/Ollivier Girard

Our skills

Our range of skills and expertise enables us to deliver our work:

  • Our data analysts are able to access, compile, interpret and visualise a vast range of different data to bring new evidence and understanding to light. We are skilled in quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis, and adept at creating and using different methodological approaches to deliver richer insights.

  • Our researchers and advisors know how to produce analysis, evidence and messages that are compelling for policy actors and decision-makers. They can then work closely with you to advise on the best tactics and approaches to persuade, advise or inform your target stakeholders.

  • Our project managers work closely with you at every stage of the project life-cycle. They ensure we have a clear brief to work to and that the project team delivers top-quality work on time and to budget. They will ensure we deliver exactly what you need to achieve your aims and objectives through the work we are undertaking.

  • Our data scientists can find and scrape data that is difficult to access, for example data sitting in pdfs or IATI XML files. This allows you to discover new information and evidence on a topic or issue you want to explore. They drive significant efficiencies in data analysis by automating key processes and provide important quality checks that mitigate against human error in the collection and manipulation of data.

  • Our communications professionals are expert in turning complex data and technical information into accessible and compelling content, including with the creation of infographics and data visualisations. They will advise on how to package and disseminate content to meet the needs of your target audiences, and ensure it is optimised for promotion, uptake and use.

Our principles

DI is an ethical and responsible organisation. We put our values at the heart of everything we do and hold ourselves to high ethical standards. This means going beyond legal compliance and regulations and ensuring the way we operate is truly socially, economically and environmentally responsible. Transparency runs through all we do, and we hold the maximum 5-star rating from Transparify. We are a Living Wage and Disability Confident employer in the UK, and apply these principles to our staff worldwide. We also adhere to the Ethical Trading Initiative’s (ETI) Base Code of labour standards. All staff are trained in anti-bribery, anti-bullying and equality, and we have a safeguarding policy which includes a code of conduct that applies to both ourselves and those we work with.

How we work

We work collaboratively from the outset – getting to know you, how you like to work, and clarifying your objectives. By only employing staff who share our values and are deeply passionate about what we do, clients can look forward to working with a highly motivated team of experts. Our services are for those who align with our principles and business ethics as we see this as a key part of maintaining ethical and responsible business practice. We are also committed to providing value for money, with key policies and processes in place to ensure you are getting the best return on your investment.