• Report
  • 2 December 2019

Field perspectives on multi-year humanitarian funding and planning: How theory has translated into practice in Jordan and Lebanon: Appendix 1



This report was produced in partnership between the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and Development Initiatives (DI) and funded by the government of Canada.

The paper was written by Niklas Rieger (Senior Analyst) at DI. The author would like to thank colleagues at the NRC that were instrumental in facilitating and hosting the in-country research: Cecilia Roselli and Andrea Farrés Jiménez at NRC Geneva; Muriel Tschopp and Jesse Delbridge at NRC Jordan; Kate Norton, Kate McGrane, Racha El Daoi and Mike Bruce at NRC Lebanon. Thanks also goes to colleagues who provided valuable inputs as the paper was being developed, including: Lydia Poole for methodological review; Angus Urquhart at DI for content and editorial review; Alice McAndrew and Telche Hanley-Moyle at DI for communication and publication support; Rebecca Hills for copy editing; Joao Goncalves at DI for project management. Finally, this research greatly benefited from the time and thought devoted by a wide range of stakeholders who contributed qualitative input through key informant interviews or data. A full list of these contributors is available in Appendix 2.