Image by OCHA / Ivo Brandau
  • Podcast
  • 19 June 2020

How can we give durable support to refugees in crisis contexts?

Ahead of World Refugee Day (20 June) this podcast looks at how approaches to supporting refugees in crisis contexts could be more coordinated and sustainable, drawing out examples from new work being undertaken in Cameroon - a country that has moved from stability to multiple crises in the last six years.

DI Senior Policy & Engagement Advisor Sarah Dalrymple and Head of Communications Anna Hope discuss Sarah's work on a new study into how longer-term development goals can be delivered in crisis contexts - beginning with Cameroon, but also Somalia and Bangladesh. They look at the roles that different actors have in refugee situations, what it means to take a more durable and complementary approach, and the successes and challenges that have faced actors working in Cameroon over the last six years.

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This podcast features Anna Hope, Head of Communications, and Sarah Dalrymple, DI Senior Policy & Engagement Advisor. Music is by Scott Holmes.