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  • 12 July 2022

Global Humanitarian Assistance Report 2022

The Global Humanitarian Assistance Report 2022 provides a critical overview of the crisis financing landscape. Development Initiatives finds that total funding has plateaued despite historically high demand.

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Angus Urquhart, Fran Girling-Morris , Suzanna Nelson-Pollard , Erica Mason

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Financing for humanitarian response faces overlapping climate, Covid-19 and conflict-related challenges as donors struggle to meet unrelenting growth in need.

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Executive summary

Growth in international humanitarian assistance has stalled against a backdrop of escalating need driven by climate change, Covid-19 and emergent conflict in Afghanistan, Ethiopia and Ukraine.

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Chapter One

People and crisis

In 2021, there were an estimated 306 million people in need of humanitarian assistance, of whom 74% were experiencing protracted crisis. Intersecting risks in vulnerable states are complicating response.

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Chapter Two

Volumes of humanitarian and wider crisis financing

Total international humanitarian assistance has plateaued with the second-highest shortfall in funding recorded. A small proportion of climate finance goes to countries already at risk of multiple crises.

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Chapter Three

Donors of humanitarian and wider crisis financing

A second large drop in UK funding contrasted with increases from the two largest donors, as multilateral development banks play an increasing role in countries experiencing crisis.

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Chapter Four

Recipients and delivery of humanitarian funding

Efforts to improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of funding continued in 2021 but progress on the Grand Bargain is uneven as direct funding to local and national actors fell…

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appendix one


Thank you to those who contributed to and supported the publication of the Global Humanitarian Assistance Report 2022.

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appendix two

Acronyms and abbreviations

A list of the acronyms and abbreviations we have used across the report.

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