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  • 5 March 2021

Our ten-year strategy: 2021–2030

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Our ten-year strategy sets out how we will work with partners to apply the power of data and evidence to end poverty, reduce inequality and increase resilience.

Whether we build a fairer, safer and more prosperous world for all will be determined by the decisions we make today. And to make good decisions we need good data. Data on people – their needs and progress. Data on financing – if it is enough and being spent well. Data on policies and interventions – whether they are working. Yet all too often we either lack this data, or decision-makers are not being guided by the data that is available.

Our skills and expertise will be used to make a real and valuable contribution in this area, focusing on three key outcomes:

  • Strengthening data ecosystems – increasing the collection, sharing and use of data that is open, comprehensive and underpinned by responsible production and management
  • Increasing use of data-driven evidence – contributing to an evidence base by turning data into insight and actionable analysis that can be used in policy and practice
  • Creating a culture of data use – growing people’s skills, expertise and confidence in data, showing how data can drive better outcomes, and providing digital tools that make data use accessible and easy.

And running through all of this, will be our commitment to partnering for impact – because we want collaboration to remain front and centre of everything that we do. The challenges before us are significant. But by bringing the right people together, we can build sustainable solutions that create a more equitable and resilient world.

We’ve sought to make our strategy a simple and digestible document that guides rather than prescribes what we should do. This will enable us to be flexible and respond to changing needs in an ever-changing world.