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  • 1 April 2021

Development actors at the nexus: Lessons from crises in Bangladesh, Cameroon and Somalia

This synthesis report summarises learnings from studies in Cameroon, Somalia and Bangladesh about operationalising the HDP nexus for longer term resilience in crisis settings.

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Charlotte MacDiarmid, Sarah Dalrymple, Sarah Hanssen

Executive summary

This report explores how to operationalise the humanitarian−development−peace (HDP) nexus based on findings from country studies carried out in Bangladesh, Cameroon and Somalia.

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Chapter One


An introduction about the role of development cooperation in addressing protracted humanitarian crises and operationalising the Humanitarian-Development-Peace (HDP) nexus.

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Chapter Two


This chapter explores partnerships between development and humanitarian actors and the impact this has on their ability to support crisis-affected populations.

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Chapter Three

Coordination, prioritisation and planning

Investigate the existing coordination mechanisms for bringing HDP actors together and read the key findings on effective coordination, prioritisation and planning across the HDP nexus.

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Chapter Four

Programming approaches

Read our findings about how effective development programming can lay the foundation for long-term development and recovery during a crisis, support resilience and sustain peace.

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Chapter Five

Financing tools

This chapter explores how development financing mechanisms reach vulnerable crisis-affected populations and presents findings about how they can operate more effectively in crises.

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Chapter Six

Organisational issues

Read our findings about how effective organisational decision-making structures, staffing models and operational guidance can support the longer term recovery of crisis-affected people.

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Chapter Seven


This conclusion summarises three key considerations for how more joined-up, coherent programming among HDP actors could be put into practice at the nexus.

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appendix one

Development cooperation partnerships and ways of working

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appendix two

Shifts in development policy in fragile and conflict-affected settings

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appendix three


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appendix four


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appendix five


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appendix six


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