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29 June 2023

What’s changing about the UK’s efforts on global nutrition?

New analysis lays bare the dramatic scaling back of the UK’s efforts on global nutrition. What does this mean for the UK’s engagement on this agenda moving forwards?

Written by Anna Hope

External Relations & Marketing Lead

19 July 2022

What can we expect from UK aid for global nutrition?

In light of recent reductions to the UK aid budget, we look at reasons to remain hopeful about the UK's continued role in tackling global malnutrition.

Written by Anna Hope

External Relations & Marketing Lead

13 August 2021

The latest data on the UK FCDO’s nutrition spending is out. What does it tell us?

We take a look at what the latest data tells us about the UK FCDO’s nutrition spending, and how the UK government is performing against its Nutrition For Growth commitments.

Written by

Jordan Beecher, Anna Hope

20 November 2020

To survive and thrive: Opportunities to invest in child nutrition

On World Children's Day, Harpinder Collacott and Basanta Kumar Kar reflect on how investments in child nutrition could help young people survive and thrive.

Written by Harpinder Collacott

Chief Executive Officer

16 June 2020

What do trends in the UK's aid spending on nutrition tell us?

DI outlines the latest trends in the UK government’s spending on nutrition and contextualises them, answering the question: does DFID remain a top donor when it comes to investing in nutrition?

Written by Jordan Beecher

Capacity & Capability Developer

13 May 2020

Why equity is critical to tackling malnutrition

Harpinder Collacott and Charlotte Martineau explore how equity in food and health systems is crucial to reducing inequalities in nutrition outcomes.

Written by

Harpinder Collacott, Charlotte Martineau

11 June 2019

Is tackling global malnutrition still a top priority for the UK?

This detailed report from Development Initiatives looks art whether DFID is meeting its commitments and tackling global malnutrition

Written by Jordan Beecher

Capacity & Capability Developer

18 May 2018

The latest trends in UK aid spending on nutrition

This data blog analyses the latest spending trends by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) in regards to aid spending in nutrition.

Written by Jordan Beecher

Capacity & Capability Developer