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18 December 2019

Peace in the triple nexus: what challenges do donors face?

How does 'peace' fit in the humanitarian nexus? Sarah Dalrymple and Angus Urquhart identify and clarify four key questions

Written by

Sarah Dalrymple, Angus Urquhart

3 December 2019

How well is aid targeting disability?

The World Health Organization estimates that 15% of people worldwide have a disability.[1] People with disabilities in developing countries face significant challenges, both in terms of increased risks (of poverty and social exclusion, for example) compared with other populations, and …

Written by Dan Walton

Senior Analyst

28 November 2019

Climate finance is yet to deliver for the most vulnerable people

Climate change threatens the goal to sustainably end poverty. This is a well-recognised fact, and in 2015, the UN’s vision for the future, Agenda 2030, brought together sustainability and development, with SDG 13 requiring signatories to take urgent action to …

Written by Amy Dodd

Head of Engagement

23 October 2019

Accelerating CRVS and legal identity in Africa: From problems and principles to practice

Following a key conference in Zambia, DI's Bill Anderson and Bernard Sabiti reflect on how CRVS systems in Africa can go from problems to practice.

Written by Bernard Sabiti

Senior Strategic Partnerships & Engagement Manager

21 October 2019

Can the world deliver on growth that leaves no one behind?

Amy Dodd argues that we need a common definition and metrics for measuring inclusive growth to ensure that we meet our commitment to leave no one behind

Written by Amy Dodd

Head of Engagement

11 October 2019

The impact of blended finance: what we don’t know and how to fix it

Cecilia Caio argues that we need to address the evidence gap to ensure the impact of blended finance is shared by the poorest people.

Written by Cecilia Caio

Senior Analyst

13 September 2019

Disability data in developing countries: opportunities to support inclusion

DI is working as part of the Inclusion Works consortium to improve the quality and use of disability data in Bangladesh, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda.

Written by Dan Walton

Senior Analyst

9 September 2019

Resilience and vulnerability in the Somalia crisis: three key findings

Since 2011, Somalia has faced recurrent crises that have been complex and protracted, combining conflict and natural disasters and exacerbated by climate change.

Written by Henry Odhiambo

Engagement & Partnerships Manager

6 September 2019

Meeting the challenge of financing for sustainable development

New DI fellow Gail Hurley's overview of what needs to be achieved to finance and deliver sustainable development and to leave no one behind.

Written by Gail Hurley