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3 December 2019

How well is aid targeting disability?

The World Health Organization estimates that 15% of people worldwide have a disability.[1] People with disabilities in developing countries face significant challenges, both in terms of increased risks (of poverty and social exclusion, for example) compared with other populations, and …

Written by Dan Walton

Poverty & Inequality Lead

25 July 2019

Priorities for the UK’s incoming Secretary of State Alok Sharma

As Alok Sharma takes office as Secretary of State, DI's Amy Dodd sets out key priorities for the UK and its global development agenda.

Written by Amy Dodd

Head of Engagement

10 July 2019

Three priorities for the High-level Political Forum 2019

DI Director of Partnerships & Engagement Carolyn Culey sets out three key priorities for closing the gap between the poorest and the rest at HLPF 2019

Written by Carolyn Culey

Director of Partnerships & Engagement

2 July 2019

Three steps towards an equitable tax agenda: Actions that should be adopted at the Addis Tax Initiative conference this week

Gregory de Paepe outlines three steps towards an equitable tax agenda that should be adopted at the Addis Tax Initiative conference this week

Written by Gregory de Paepe


27 June 2019

From withdrawal to adaptation: How can development actors shift towards sustaining engagement and financing at scale during a crisis?

DI’s Sarah Dalrymple highlights some key research questions towards building coherence across development, crisis and peace sectors

Written by Sarah Dalrymple

Senior Policy & Engagement Advisor/Crisis & Humanitarian Co-Lead (Maternity leave)

11 June 2019

Is tackling global malnutrition still a top priority for the UK?

This detailed report from Development Initiatives looks art whether DFID is meeting its commitments and tackling global malnutrition

Written by Jordan Beecher

Capacity & Capability Developer

10 October 2018

Is using ODA for blending a good use of scarce concessional resources?

Blended finance is dominating international development financing discourse. This blog breaks down the possibilities and limits to this financial resource.

Written by Cecilia Caio

Senior Analyst

18 September 2018

A missed opportunity to improve UK aid

The UK government has released a response to the IDC report, which points to a lack of development focus in UK departments and poor progress on transparency

Written by Amy Dodd

Head of Engagement

5 June 2018

Significant reforms are needed for UK aid spending to remain transparent and poverty focused

Today the UK Parliament’s International Development Committee published a report following its inquiry into the definition and administration of ODA.

Written by Amy Dodd

Head of Engagement