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28 February 2023

The price of poverty: interpreting the updated extreme poverty line

In 2022, the World Bank updated the extreme poverty line; Zach Christensen makes sense of what this means for understanding how people experience poverty.

Written by Zach Christensen

Senior Analyst

16 February 2023

Counting excess vaccine donations as ODA inflated aid in 2021: Here's why they still shouldn't count

DI's Euan Ritchie explains how donors counted vaccines as ODA in 2021, and why the current OECD DAC rules on counting vaccines should change to stop inflating aid

Written by Euan Ritchie

Senior Development Finance Policy Advisor

7 February 2023

The DAC debates: why aid measurement matters for development

The way we measure aid affects the type and quantity provided as well as our perceptions of it. Why are the DAC's rules controversial?

Written by Euan Ritchie

Senior Development Finance Policy Advisor

11 January 2023

Martin Ravallion's contribution to poverty reduction: a tribute

Martin Ravallion, the architect of the extreme poverty line, passed away on 24 December 2022. Deborah Hardoon looks at his impact on DI’s work, and pays tribute to him

Written by Deborah Hardoon

Poverty & Inequality Lead

15 December 2022

Tracking humanitarian funding to local actors: what we’ve learnt

In this blog, we explore the latest data and practices on tracking humanitarian funding to local actors, including the challenges around understanding whether 'localisation' of funding is happening and how to overcome them.

Written by

Fran Girling-Morris, Suzanna Nelson-Pollard, Carina Chicet

13 December 2022

Should lending special drawing rights (SDRs) count as aid?

Rechanneling special drawing rights to low- and middle-income countries is an elegant solution to address global problems. Using them as an excuse to cut aid elsewhere is self-defeating.

Written by Euan Ritchie

Senior Development Finance Policy Advisor

7 December 2022

Indirect cost recovery for 'local' NGOs: an urgent issue for humanitarian reform

In this blog, DI, Oxfam and UNICEF outline the context for new guidance on the provision of overheads to local and national humanitarian actors, and explain why the changing industry standard is so important.

Written by

Fran Girling-Morris (DI), Amy Croome (Oxfam), Luc Chauvin (UNICEF)

25 November 2022

Funding to address gender-based violence in humanitarian emergencies must go further

In this blog, DI’s Carina Chicet highlights key areas for improvement in the prevention, mitigation and response to gender-based violence in crisis settings.

Written by Carina Chicet

Senior Analyst

25 November 2022

The data behind the debate over Uganda’s income status

DI's Zach Christensen and Dean Breed look into the contested statistics behind the dispute between UBOS and the World Bank about Uganda's income status.

Written by

Zach Christensen, Dean Breed